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Many cities are currently grappling with a seemingly intractable dilemma: a growing population going unhoused coinciding with widespread budget cuts.  The Village Collaborative was founded as an effort to promote the village model as a practical and cost-effective response to this multifaceted issue through education, planning, and design.


After gaining expertise through the implemenation of Opportunity Village in Eugene, Oregon, the Village Collaborative is focused on catalyzing this "Tiny Housing First" movement in other cities by improving communication between advocates and city officials.











About Andrew Heben​:

Andrew has a degree in urban planning from the University of Cincinnati and three years of professional planning and design experience with three consulting firms, providing him with a rich understanding of the planning process.


He received the Outstanding Thesis Award for his work on self-organized tent cities throughout the United States, which included living and participating in a camp in Ann Arbor, Michigan.  His thesis, Tent City Urbanism, is currently being expanded to a full length book.  The work presents a vision for building upon the positive dynamics of the camps he visited – most notably self-management, direct democracy, and resourceful strategies for living with less – to create micro-housing villages with a focus on transitional and affordable communities.


This vision has been put into action through the planning, designing, and building of  Opportunity Village – a transitional micro-housing community in Eugene, Oregon.